Who We Are

The WRIGHT Consult (TWC) is a digital marketing agency located in Atlanta. Our mission is to help organizations leverage the power of digital marketing to increase leads, drive sales and improve market share. At TWC our commitment is to ensure that the job is performed with the highest degree of professionalism at all times. Our staff includes highly skilled professionals who provide great expertise, along with a professional management team providing exceptional project oversight. From a strong player in the industry in web development & design and effective digital marketing solutions that delivers results, which meets and most often exceeds, our client’s benchmarks.

Our Services

Display & Retargeting

We will help your business by utilizing display & remarketing to keep your ads before customers who have previously engaged with your company. Targeting them with effective creatives so they can easily purchase your products or services.

App Development

Our Team will help you with your App Development needs. We will work to customize your App tailored to your business objectives so as to increase customer engagement and support.

Social Media Management

We will use social media to strategically position your ads by utilizing your image, video, and text ads for placements on Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Instagram & various social media channels to promote your business.

SEO Services

Our team will help with your SEO(Search Engine Optimizing) needs. We will implement effective techniques to improve your visibility in a relative search.

Website Optmization

Our team will help to create and optimize high converting, friendly and easy to use websites to drive traffic to your business.

PPC Advertising

We will create and mange top performing paid search ads for your business.

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Why Choose Us?

TWC is on your side. Our approach is to ensure you have the best digital marketing strategy to grow your business. We distinguish ourselves from the competition by providing firsthand digital marketing experience and result driven services in the online marketing arena-to attract potential customers with beautifully designed websites, engaging them with Paid Search, Social Media, Display/Remarketing ads, SEO strategies and converting leads into sales.

We have worked with various organizations over the years to boost their website traffic and experience. Leading projects and managing activities associated with web presence and digital marketing that are typically longer-term, cross-department, and or moderate/high in risk, scope, and complexity.

Let’s Grow Your Business Online

We will help you. We have done so for many organizations.

Certified And Highly Trained

Our team is fully equipped to meet your digital marketing needs. We are highly trained in Google, Bing and other main platforms to ensure we assess and implement the best strategy for your business

Customer Feedback

The team helped us greatly with our web presence and provided excellent service.

Helen Panos Owner
Very professional, creative and efficient. I would recommend them for your project.
Jane Stewart Digital Manager

The team at the WRIGHT Consult are very professional and skilled in digital marketing. They helped greatly with our marketing strategy.

Maurius Christy Owner