Without a doubt, running any type of PPC (Pay Per Click) campaign can be costly if not managed effectively by an

expert in the field. Often times businesses try to do this themselves and end up wasting a lot of money then turned off from the process. But we have managed, and still managing various PPC campaigns, that are targeted, efficient and very successful.

Here are some effective ways to save in your PPC account:

1. Add Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are essential to include in your campaigns. This allows you to eliminate irrelevant searches, and your ads not to show up for terms that you don’t want. For example if you are running a campaign about luxury vehicles, you wouldn’t want to show up under the term “cheap” so this could be added as a negative keyword.

2. Add Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are important as it narrows down the term to what the customer may be searching for; therefore this is more specific or relevant. For instance, a long tail keyword would be “buy new car in Roswell” versus a more generic keyword ” buy new car”. Longer tail key terms are typically less competitive (and generally cheaper) than generic key terms.

3. Review Keyword Match types

It is important to review keyword match types in your PPC account, and see the match types that are performing well. Based on the results you would want to replicate the top performing ones to get the most out of your campaign. Broad matched keywords can be costly as they yield a lot of traffic that may not be specific

4. Adjust Keyword Bids

You have to monitor keyword bids carefully to ensure that you are not overbidding or underbidding on keywords. Automated rules and various management platforms can help to effectively manage bids to save in your PPC account.

5. Pause Poorly Performing Keywords

Poorly performing keywords can cost you a lot of money and adversely impact your campaign. Keywords should be assessed and paused while optimizing.

6. Run A/B Tests

A/B testing is very important to a campaign. You want to do this often to fine tune your strategy and conduct various tests in the campaign to confirm best performers.

7. Break Out New Adgroups

It is necessary to break out new adgroups to ensure that liked tightly themed keywords are grouped together to improve your quality score and conversion.

8. Revise Landing Pages

Landing pages should always be assessed carefully with regards to quality score and conversions. You want to ensure that customers are landing on the right page to convert. Various A/B testing could help to identify the best performing landing pages.

9. Remarketing List For Search

Remarketing is always important. As you’re targeting people who have previously shown interest in your product or service…thus “double qualified customers” that are considered “warm leads”. Therefore it is necessary to develop an effective remarketing list for search to improve conversions and minimize costs.

In conclusion, by periodically making these strategic changes in your PPC campaigns, you can save a lot of money, increase profitability and also improve market share.

Let us know your tips on saving in PPC campaigns below or send your feedback to info@thewrightconsult.com

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