Media consumption has changed drastically throughout the years. The advancement in mobile devices & tablets in the past decade has completely revolutionized the way we think, breathe and live.

How often do we sit before the television, and wonder away searching our devices? Or undertaking a task at work or an event, while browsing through our phone? Yes… we all do this.

The rise in mobile devices has undoubtedly altered our behavior, and changed the we way we interact and see things for sure.

……Here we are today, are you ready for the mobile revolution? Is your business in a position to capture this new audience? Does your digital marketing strategy include a mobile strategy? If not, you will be leaving money on the table and loosing to the competitor.

It goes without saying then; businesses have to develop a strategy to

adjust to this change.

Now, here are the facts:

A recent report by BI Intelligence revealed that the global smartphone market will hit 3.4 billion by 2020. Therefore more mobile devices will be in the market and following more users. Further, according to a research done by website magazine, nearly 80% of mobile searches will be mobile by 2018.

Additionally, 76% of consumers who conduct searches on their phones visit the store within a day

In no uncertain terms businesses must get with the trends and develop an effective mobile strategy to engage this market.Here are some things to be done:

Optimize your website for Mobile

Based on the trends in mobile, developing and strengthening your website to meet mobile customers should be of the highest priority. Developing key seo mobile tactics will help you to be positioned effectively to capture this audience so that your website will be indexed effectively to gain good rankings.

Attract Mobile Customers

After strengthening your website to capture mobile audiences, there needs to be a plan in place to attract these customers to go through the sales funnel and convert. Therefore the customer’s journey should be seamless from entering the site until converting.

Engage Mobile Customers

Its not just only attracting customers to your mobile site but you have to ensure that you engage them. This means having the right call to actions to help customers to take the next step or putting in place strategic pop-up messages to answer customer’s questions and queries. This will go a far way in helping customers through the sales process.

Convert Mobile Customers

If your site is well optimized, you are attracting and engaging the right customers, then you can easily move these customers through the funnel and have them take the desired action for conversion. Whether, signing-up on a form, downloading an app or a form etc.

To improve mobile traffic & conversions, there has to be therefore, an effective mobile strategy in place. The foundation of this has to be:

  • knowing the audience you want to target
  • understanding their persona
  • Having an effective plan in place for engagement.

Our team can help you to with an effective mobile strategy to attract, engage and convert visitors to your website.

About the author:Andre Wright is a visionary and successful entrepreneur who passionately helps organizations leverage the power of digital marketing to grow and improve their businesses. He is a founding partner at The WRIGHT Consult, LLC and has been successfully helping businesses for many years with online strategy and conversion optimization tactics.

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