It’s no secret that the more information you have about your business in a text ad, the more exposure you will get. Since the introduction of online ads, we would do anything to get more characters in our creatives. Well, Google has made the decision recently to give consumers the opportunity to add more information in text ads, which is exciting news!

The WRIGHT Consult will guide you with an effective plan to take advantage of this development to grow your business. Additionally, the article below highlights some strategies to further maximize text ads in light of this change:

Google to Roll Out New Text Ad Format

Google has just announced they will be expanding the text ad format for AdWords in order to better optimize text ads for mobile devices. The result will be a new, second headline and nearly 50% more space for ad copy overall. This will give business owners using AdWords more room to highlight their products, services, and promotions. What Will the Updated Format Look Like? The main change that Google is making is adding a new second headline and greatly expanding the characters available … Continue reading

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