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We are here to provide strategic support for your digital marketing needs. These services include:




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We will work with you to customize a plan specific to your goals.

The information provided below outlines exactly how we can work with any new client.

CONSULTATION: We will work with you to develop an online marketing strategy, and will assess specific needs and objectives for the marketing plan in detail.

CONFIRMATION: As soon as we agree on a strategy and investment, we will then set a plan for our period of working together.

CUSTOMIZATION: You’ll receive a customized campaign consisting of keywords (search terms that will trigger your ads), advertising copy (targeted ads that will appear when your keywords are searched for), bid prices (the maximum price you’ll pay per click to appear on the publishers for paid search campaigns. Additionally, Website assessment, Social Media plan and much more, based on package selected.

OPTIMIZATION: After the launch of your campaign or digital marketing service, you’ll receive advice from my team on how to improve performance and maximize your return-on-investment.

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