In order to drive growth and steer your business or practice in the right direction, you need the right digital marketing strategy. Let’s look at how healthcare professionals can strategically use digital marketing to grow their practices.

Greater Reach

To begin with, digital marketing will drive your patient reach. With digital marketing, health professionals can effectively augment who they hastily reach. Through Search Engine Optimization (SEO), mobile marketing strategies along with social media platforms, their businesses and services offered can be widely accessed rapidly and in the most effective way. With target marketing, specific patients or preferred ones can be attracted and this would be a great strategy for success. As statistics show that most patients research their healthcare professionals online before they make a decision. For this reason, an online presence is very important in scaling a practice.

Personalized Contact

Utilizing digital platforms allows for personalized contact. Building on the inbound slant, digital marketing will allow a health professional to be quite personal in approach with the kind of information used to draw or lure patients. This can only be accomplished if there is more data. With sufficient information across the healthcare industry, medical practitioners can use digital strategies not only to get but also to target veracious and eventual customers. To get a clear understanding regarding the preferred patients, statistics such as demographics, age, and developmental information should be used by marketers. With digital marketing, a health professional has more control over his or her audience. What makes it even more appealing is the fact that it permits one to respond to eventual patients who are precisely for their services.

Better Measurement

What is more, digital marketing affords more determinate value. While it is extremely challenging to effectually track activities that come in via traditional marketing, or the number of individuals looking at your ad, digital marketing is imperatively more measurable. With help of analytics, you can be able to know the exact number of persons who viewed your ad, those who clicked through and the exact place where such traffic is emanating from. The importance of this information cannot be underestimated. For instance, a health professional can track his or her Return on Investment (ROI). The information can also help professionals to plan better marketing decisions.

Patient Retention

Moreover, digital marketing increases the chances of patient retention. We live in a digital era where everyone, including patients in critical conditions, value expediency and ease of access over everything. Through the creation of an incontrovertible digital rendezvous plan, patients can find one’s website, current practice along with contact information with ease. Still, patients may find it necessary to do an online research about the symptoms they show and probably make a call. A recent study from PWC established that a considerable number of patients are of the opinion that social media engagement shape their choice of a particular physician, health center, or medical facility. Also, digital devices enlarge one’s prospective patient pools and significantly lessen the overall cost of engaging them.

Besides, Healthcare professionals get opportunities for creating long-term personal relationships with patients. Once a link has been established, a relationship can be maintained by relaying information through marketing analytics, a mechanism that makes it easy for personalized messages delivered to specific patients. This brings a great and long-lasting impact. By and large, the entire healthcare industry is intrinsically more personal compared to others, and therefore it is prudent for medical practitioners to develop a good and personalized camaraderie with patients.

Stronger Reputation

Above and beyond, digital marketing provides a platform through which healthcare professionals can develop a strong reputation. This is possible if they can make proper use of online marketing strategies including content marketing, Google Adwords, SEO, among others. With these reputable options, they can gain a competitive edge within the industry. Effective use of tools such as blogs together with social media posts can be significant in a number of ways. For example, it can help boost ones’ online visibility to patients through improving search engine standing and snowballing traffic to their websites. Through curating a solid skilled image of a physician’s name, it helps in constructing a reputation of a respectable professional. Why is this important? As already pointed out, an increasing number of prospective patients have a preference for booking appointments online. They are more probable to book an appointment with you in case your website is not only visible but also reputable.

More Responsive

Lastly, digital marketing allows healthcare professionals to give their clients a timely response. This will encourage patients to also provide feedback in good time. More importantly, social media platforms can help healthcare professionals in creating groups and forums through which patients can deliberate on a number of issues relating to healthcare. Nevertheless, social media is only appropriate if constantly managed.

In light of the above, digital marketing is of great importance to healthcare professionals. By using digital devices to pass material information to patients, health professionals can establish relationships that will enable them to retain the current customer base. It will be feasible to develop a community of knowledgeable and engaged patients faithful to you. Further, there is an ever-increasing number of individuals who are becoming active on digital platforms from where they seek solutions to various health problems. For this reason, any medical practitioner who does not embrace digital marketing will face a number of problems, among them, being the inability to retain patients as well as difficulties in retaining them.

Patientbuz is all about helping healthcare practices gain new patients through digital marketing. Our goal is to ensure doctors are successful in marketing to their patients and effectively support them; that’s why we have a team of experienced healthcare marketing experts that will work for you to ensure your practice grows. With over two decades of experience – we know how to drive practice growth.

By Andre Wright, MBA

Andre Wright has more than 20 years of experience in the field of digital marketing. Andre through Patientbuz has managed various successful campaigns for dentists, chiropractors, pain clinics, and other healthcare professionals. He is certified in all Google Ads competencies as well as Google Analytics and was a part of the formative years of Google Ads, developing its platform. 
Andre is a co-host of the Podcast, “Your Company Health”, where he speaks with healthcare professionals and leaders in the business community. He holds an MBA in Marketing and Management and is the author of “Visibility” a digital marketing book published earlier this year. Andre has been a featured speaker at business conferences around the US and beyond.

When he’s not working to help doctors make the important transition to cost-efficient digital media, Andre can probably be found spending time with family, watching sports, or playing golf with friends.


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